Money are certainly among the most popular motifs of dreams, because they determine your standard of living, and are essential to meet the most important needs, pursue goals, and make dreams come true.

Does the money seen in a dream foretell wealth? Anyone who has ever had a dream about the banknotes and coins can at this point answer this question. What's more, the dream about large cash is paradoxically very disappointing - the feeling when you wake up without the huge amount of money dreamed. The fantasies about money are often associated with real expenses or profits. Many dream books interpret dreams about coins or banknotes in the opposite way, which is:

The symbolism of money in a dream may also have far wider meaning. Money, according to many dream books, is a symbol of energy, creative power, authority, and shows your value. In this context, the dreams about the money can be perceived as follows:

Detailed meaning of the dream:

The amount and denominations of money can have their meaning - check "numbers"

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