Rings have been present in our culture for centuries. On the one hand, they symbolize love and wisdom, and on the other wealth and power. Is a dream about this kind of jewelry therefore a harbinger of the upcoming successes in matters of love and career?

In ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt rings and signet rings were associated with power, high social position, wealth and valor. Wearing them was the privilege of the most important people in the whole empire. So if in a dream you have a gold ring with jewels on your finger, you can count on honors and wealth.

A gold ring is an excellent omen in the context of love issues. The symbolism of this metal is associated with the sun, which is a permanent star bringing fortune. Therefore the dream about the golden ring heralds love, which will shine brightly. The opposite meaning has the dream about a silver ring. This precious metal symbolizes moving and changing moon, and for the dreamer it may be the reflection of a fleeting romance or erotic adventure. However, it is necessary to note, whether the dreaming person only sees silver jewelry, or is wearing it. In the second situation the dream has a different meaning - the silver ring is the information about the deep feelings of the person the dreamer cares for.

A ring may appear in different dreams which also apply to male - female relationship. Inserting the object on your finger is the warning against the planned betrayal. If you are taking it off, it’s a warning that the planned "fling" will have dire consequences for you. A broken ring is the confirmation of infidelity.

Finding a ring is the symbol of love knocking at your door. However, if you give someone the jewelry, it means your dreamed love or friendship won’t come true.

If you lose a ring in a dream, you should worry because it promises some loss in your professional or emotional life. Perhaps you will experience long separation with someone close to you.

Some magical properties are credited to the ring, including the ability to counteract the evil powers. Therefore, a magical ring in a dream symbolizes the extraordinary event that will change your life.

According to an old Polish dream book the fantasy about the ring is not a positive omen.

Fortunately the old Polish dream book also provides a positive explanation. Fantasies, which may herald prosperity in love, are giving and buying jewelry and seeing a very valuable ring. For singles these are optimistic forecasts for the future related to the meeting of a valuable person, and for the people who are in relationships it is the confirmation of love to their other halves.

Once in a dream you see a signet ring, it is a sign that you have a devoted friend who will go through fire and water for you.


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