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In every corner of the world, people interpret the phenomena around them differently. They try to discover the secrets of nature, find their own peace, understand the meaning of life. Each day brings new challenges, and it is much easier to go through them if you are aware that a given goal has a chance to achieve. When a person encounters various difficulties on its way, one tries to find a positive meaning in them, explaining the purposefulness of such and not other phenomena. At such times, some turn to the wisdom recorded in ancient books or discover the relationships of star and planet systems that visibly influence people's moods and decisions. Since the dawn of history, mankind has listened and stared at the signs in heaven and earth, by means of which it organized the rhythm of its own existence. In search of meanings, many of us refer to the projection of our dreams, signs taken directly from the world of nature or cosmic energy. Fortune telling and horoscopes, influencing the way people perceive the world and the course of everyday activities, accompany people from antiquity to the present day.


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