The need for decorating body with jewellery dates back to the dawn of the modern world. The oldest finds in the area are pierced shells, which, according to scientists are 100 000 years old. Since then, the items called jewelry have become commonplace in human consciousness, both as an indicator of social status, faith or attractiveness as well as a symbol of emotional relationships.

Jewellery such as necklaces or rings are connected with charm, fascination, seduction, sublime feminine eroticism. In this context you can have fantasies, in which a woman receives from a man a chain, earrings and a ring. In contrast, tiaras, signet rings and brooches are associated with wealth and respect.

Jewellery may also indicate the wealth of depth and personal culture of the dreamer or refer to his/ her wealth. Yet another explanation of the jewelry is a wedding and honors, which is quite pleasant prospect for the future. The quality of jewelry is also of great importance - gold emphasizes the positive symbolism and artificial jewellery means the dreamer is fooling himself.

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Color silver Silver according to the beliefs has the power to overcome evil forces. In dreams it may indicate the protection, care, emotions, and intuition.