Necklaces have been worn since the time of ancient civilizations. Over the centuries, they were made from various materials such as shells, stones, bones, teeth, gold, or silver. Their presence in almost every culture is reflected in the ambiguous symbolism of dreams connected with this object.

The necklace is usually the symbol of a close relationship with another person. Such a relationship is usually strongly tinged with feelings such as love, devotion and faith. If in your dream you see a beautiful chain, it emphasizes the subtle and unique bond between you and your loved one.

Slightly more meaningful is the interpretation of the necklace as dependence on certain ideas and beliefs relating to religion, subculture, or politics. Such a necklace in a dream can be decorated with a cross or other symbols.

For some people the dream about the necklace is related to the unfulfilled needs and desires. The fantasy reflects the sense of superiority over others, and high aspirations to play a leading role in society.

In ancient Egypt a pectoral cross or breastplate with ornaments suggested that the high priests wearing them were sorcerers bewitching with their voice. Therefore, in this context, the necklace is associated with the magical sound of your voice. Who knows, maybe it is a sign to start a musical career.

A chain in dreams is usually a sign of good news. For example, putting the necklace on may mean a subconscious appointment to a new role related with the promotion or marriage. If in a dream you give a necklace to someone, it is a harbinger of passionate love.

According to dream books receiving a precious chain predict that someone will declare love to you, and for a woman it can even be the announcement of proposal. After such a dream she can slightly in advance consider whether to accept the ring. Wearing a necklace or seeing it in a dream also suggests that you will be lucky in love.

Other positive omens characterize necklaces of gold and silver. Gold necklace means social advancement, and the silver one represents financial benefits. If the necklace is studded with precious stones, you can count on receiving inheritance from distant relatives. The necklace with a ruby means passion and devotion. Pearls are related to the sphere of intense feelings filled with eroticism, and represent valuable assets. A pearl necklace indicates that in the near future you will experience something deep and emotional. It is difficult to clearly predict whether it will be exhilarating or not.

Magical necklaces symbolize protection or remarkable luck.

The worst omen is a dream in which the necklace is broken or you lost it, because it portends separation from loved ones, perhaps even forever.


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