Engagement ring

A dream about an engagement ring usually comes to women, and is associated with the matters of love.

The candidate for a husband gives this item to his chosen one, and this is why it not coincidentally heralds the imminent wedding. In Christianity the engagement ring has always been regarded as the symbol of love, fidelity, and marriage, as well as eternity (because of its shape, without starting or ending point). It is hard to find a better sign for a woman, who dreams of getting married, than the fantasy about the engagement ring.

Seeing this type of jewelry in a dream portends great love and marriage, regardless of the context. For example, if someone puts the ring on your finger, it's just the person you will marry. Once in a dream, you are buying jewelry at the jeweler’s, also in reality engagement is waiting for you. The exception to this rule may be dreams in which, for example, you’ve lost an engagement ring, or it is destroyed. It is the sign that the common future of the two people is questionable. However, even in case of such a nightmare you shouldn’t doubt, because true love is much stronger and it will overcome any obstacle!

It is worth mentioning that the men dream about this object especially when they are planning to buy it in real life. It's a big responsibility and stress, and the dream simply reflects those emotions.

Engagement ring

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