Earrings are present in many cultures around the world. This form of body jewelry was popular in ancient times, but then having earrings made of gold or silver was a luxury which only the wealthiest members of society could afford. The poorer had to settle for equivalents made of bird feathers and animal bones. Today, earrings, even those made of gold, are much more affordable to ordinary citizens. They have become not only a decoration, but also a form of expressing your personality or originality. At first ear piercing was required to wear earrings. Today, piercing includes all possible body parts, including the most intimate ones. Let's see how the whole phenomenon is described by dream books.

An earring in a dream symbolizes sensitivity, which is a reference to hearing. Sometimes it suggests that you do not hear the message that someone wants to give you. If you see earrings in a particular person, then it is a clear sign that you should pay more attention to this individual.

Earrings are beautiful eye-catching decoration, so they can also represent a desire to shine in the company and too big attachment to material values. The left earring is associated with the interior and the soul of a man, the right one defines tangible external environment and specific relationship.

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