The history of this spherical object dates back to antiquity. Since then, wearing bracelets in different cultures has taken on many meanings. Bracelets are attached to their protective and magical features or recognized as a symbol of health, friendship or partnership.

It is difficult to clearly indicate the meaning of the dream, in which this object appears - because for some it is an amulet protecting from evil, for the others a body decoration or a symbol of devotion and unity of values, people or organizations. Good examples are famous colorful bracelets made of plastic. They were used in the campaign "Live Strong" conducted by the cyclist Lance Armstrong and his foundation. So let's see how the dreams of the bracelet are interpreted most frequently.

If you've been dreaming that you are wearing a bracelet or got it as a gift, you should consider this as a good prophecy. A happy event is waiting for you in your marriage, at work or school. Single people should be even more satisfied because wearing bracelets heralds them love. Sometimes it is a signal that the dreamer does not see the feelings that come from a loved one.

The bracelet symbolizes also eroticism, very intimate and intense emotions, such as desire, caressing and excitement.

Jewellery is usually a valuable thing, not only in financial terms. It can be a remembrance of a loved person or a gift - such items shouldn’t be lost. If in the dream you cannot find your bracelets it is not very optimistic sign. You will have problems in your life. On the other hand finding jewelry in a dream is a harbinger of good financial investment.

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