A ticket is a pass to a bus, theater, stadium or a concert. In the dream this has a broader meaning, since it is associated with life changes and an important decision.

The ticket symbolizes making important choices, which will affect the future. A good example are people who leave their country commercially. Buying a ticket is often setting the seal on the decision to go, what leads to serious changes in their life. A dream about the train, plane or bus ticket is a reflection of these changes. Sometimes it's a hint, suggesting that certain things need to finally solve if you want to be able to move forward. If you dream of a one-way ticket, it means only one thing - the decision will be irreversible.

If you bought a ticket and you’re waiting on a platform or bus stop for the mean of transport, it is a symbol of waiting for some changes. It is very important because if the bus does not come this dream is a clear allusion to the stagnation in your life. In this context, validating a ticket will be a positive dream signifying progress.

When the main motive of our fantasy is buying a ticket, it’s a subconscious information that you should be patient. Inconsistency will result in failures and loosing the chance for success. According to the dream book you will probably dream about losing a ticket, because it is a symbol of wasted opportunities.

The dream in which the motive is a ticket to the cinema, theater or opera suggests that you are nostalgic. You long for adventures or miss somebody. The ticket may also symbolize that you should be more value-neutral in life. Dreaming that you buy a ticket to a sporting event or entertainment simply reflects the need to have fun or relax.

The dream of the ticket may reflect a concern about your travel, eg. your first flight or cruise.


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