Theme of the road has a very interesting symbolism, not only in dreams, but in the whole culture. Musicians, writers and filmmakers - many of them show a road as more than a transport route. In art, it is a metaphor of properly chosen way in life, a reflection of the desires or will of change.

The diversity of meanings of the theme of road in dreams emphasizes, that it can relate to your past, present or future. Interpretations of these nocturnal fantasies depend on subjective and emotional evaluation of the dreamer of his actions and decisions taken in life.

The symbolism of road most often refers to the achievement of objectives and in this context the dream should be analyzed. It is important to recognize if you are far away from the goal. You should focus on how the road in your dream looks like:

Other meanings:


When you see a wanderer, a person with a bundle, backpack or suitcase, the dream can be read in many different ways:

Direction sign - a guidepost

This motive in a dream as in real life, indicates the direction on the road of life.


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