The press provides people knowledge on various subjects, so the interpretation of a dream in which you see a newspaper or a magazine depends largely on what is in it. If you are able to read the information contained in the paper, then you should treat this as a fundamental clue to decipher the meaning of the night fantasy.

A tabloid can bring sensational information that is not always true. A serious journal, in turn, will mean a thoroughly investigated source of knowledge. A local newspaper in a dream shows that the information we need is at hand.
If a daily newspaper is in the fantasy then you can receive the news, which is worth paying attention to or a sign that in the coming days you will get some important message. When you browse the gossip press, then the dream is an expression of desire for fame and popularity, as well as the desire to maintain a good opinion about you.

The negative meaning of newspapers in the dream is related to the fear of disclosure of a secret that you'd rather keep secret. Newspapers can also be a warning that you do not pay attention to what is happening around you.

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