A stork over the years has connoted a bird "bringing" children. It may be due to the fact that these birds mate for life and create an ideal family. The stork is therefore a role model when it comes to family values and its appearance in a dream should be interpreted in a positive way.

Dreams about these birds are most often identified with plans to create your own cozy family nest. This may be a sign that it's time to try to get a child, make an effort to provide your family a decent existence. You should know that the stork is the symbol of fertility.

Depending on the situation, the presence of this lovable and respected bird can be explained in different ways. Parents, for example, should read the small storks in a dream as a reference to their daily trials and tribulations with children. As you know, these are not only happy moments of the youngest, but the typical troubles at school or in the backyard. With such a dream it is always worth to think about your relations with the descendants and take an interest in their lives - who they meet, what are their needs and dreams. A good idea is going to the cinema or a match.

In most dreams the stork and his clatter heralds good news. This may be a promotion at work, passed exam, a new relationship, happiness in marriage, or escaping from danger. If a flock of storks appears in the dream, it is a message for the dreamer that he has good and devoted friends.

The stork also warns against the dangers. If you see it in flight, watch out for crooks and thieves. If the stork sleeps have your eye on your friends. The stork at home may herald family problems. The worst nightmare is when we see a dead bird - this is the announcement of the disease.

According to the famous Greek philosopher Artemidorus, the stork heralds a safe journey, because it flies a lot itself.

The stork in our culture has always been a prized bird and its nest on the roof of the house is a source of pride. Germans, for example, consider that it protects against fire, and the Poles, Lithuanians (stork is a symbol and national bird of the country), or the Ukrainians believe that it brings family happiness. So if you've been dreaming of the stork, you should hope for the best.


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