Dreams, in which there are children, come to almost everyone, not only to parents. You should be grateful for that, because it means that you will experience happiness and joy.

For people who already have children the dreams may reflect a relationship with the daughter or son or evoke memories associated with them (for example, the birth, first steps and words or shared holidays). For couples trying for a baby it is a natural dream associated with impatient waiting for a positive pregnancy test or childbirth. However, in some situations it should be considered as a clue on the sex of a child - seen on the shoulder of the man means a boy. If the baby is on the woman's shoulder, it will be a girl.

The child in a dream of a childless person: it is a reflection of a childish side of your personality. We all have an inner child that sometimes complains, is naive or infantile. A child in a dream may also express nostalgia, tenderness, the desire to return to pleasant days of early youth, carelessness and lack of everyday problems. Even if the dreamer sees his own child, he can understand these dreams as a reference to his own character, unless they concern the current family matters.

Parents who have lost a child may have dreams about finding a boy or girl, adoption or reanimating. Such dreams usually come in the first years after the tragedy, when it’s the most difficult to accept the loss of a child.

Children are our pride and the future, which is why most of the dreams should be perceived positively as a harbinger of joy, happiness and fulfillment. The exceptions are nightmares in which you lose, hit or murder a child. Below is the detailed meaning of dreams about the baby.

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