The jungle is a symbol of a world in which there are no rules, and the dreamer must fight for survival every single day. In the dream, the wild animals mean hostile people or reflect the uncontrolled instincts of the dreamer.

The jungle often refers to the professional environment where you have to constantly prove your worth and compete with other, often ruthless, people. The dream of fighting your way through the thick forest may reflect the dreamer’s fight for his corner and remind you that you must not only have a strong character, but also be cunning.

When you rove in the jungle and cannot find a way out of the forest, the dream shows the tremendous stress and suggests that you should think about minimizing the pressure. Lack of any action may lead to the mental attrition or deepening one of the addictions.

In some cases, jungle reflects a desire for adventure and a fuller life. Dreams, in which you are excited during the exploration of a dense forest, should be interpreted in this way. It is therefore worth to look objectively at your life and think about whether it is not too monotonous. Perhaps it is worth to make some bold decision.

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