By hand, a person performs most of the basic activities of life, works, communicates with others, or expresses emotions. Upper limbs play an important role in human life, so the dream refers to coping skills, clout, or physical fitness. Beliefs in which hands symbolize power and authority come from the ancient Egyptians.

It is therefore important to recognize that a dream of healthy, strong and beautiful hands is a sign of success in life, especially in professional matters. At the opposite extreme should be placed a nightmare, in which you have a broken, swollen or amputated hand. According to some dream books the lack of upper limb may even mean the death of a parent.

Hands are one of the most complex dream motives because they can be interpreted in many different ways. Different gestures and methods of communicating with others should be considered as a separate group of dreams. This can be a welcome, so-called "high five", stroking, as well as punching in the face, or showing the middle finger. Possibilities are innumerable here, so in this case the dreamer should also check the meaning of the individual entries.

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