Wedding ring

A small round object, which lovers put on each other’s fingers on the wedding day, is a symbol of love, relationship, spiritual ties, loyalty and devotion. Dreams, in which there is a ring should therefore be explained based on emotional and family matters.

There are two groups of people which can have a dream about a wedding ring. The first one is unmarried ones, and the second are people in a formal relationship.

Single people

For bachelor or misses a dream about the wedding ring is a clear sign that in the near future they will meet someone close to their hearts. Especially wearing gold jewelry in a dream portends a permanent and hot feeling. A silver ring in a dream means they have to be patient and wait a little longer for the long-term relationship.

Married people

For people who are already married the wedding ring is a kind of reminder of marital duties. On the other hand, it may also be a warning against treachery. Taking off the jewelry portends quarrels between spouses. Finding jewelry in turn is very good news, that the life partner is loyal and faithful.

Wedding ring

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