Alcohol is a drink that accompanied people for centuries - a thirst quencher, allows you to forget about the problems and have fun. In the dream often symbolizes spiritual forces that influence your behavior and actions. This may be a reference to a solitary lifestyle and lack of openness, but also subjection to another person or certain toxic relationship. After all alcohol not only connects and brings people together but also divides them.

On the other hand, the dream about alcohol can mean a symptom that you assess your life too soberly, without the so-called fantasy that accompanies the consumption of ardent spirits.

Keep in mind that too frequent binge drinking can harm you much, not only in health issues. Sometimes a dream about drinking can be very easy to decipher, especially for people who abuse alcohol – you should cut it back.

The dream about alcohol can also have other meanings depending on the context. Drinking with a woman symbolizes the hot feelings, erotic rapture. Consumption of alcohol in the company is a sign of too little time devoted to friends. If the dreamer is dancing drunk with happiness it presages a reason to celebrate.

It is worth remembering that the word alcohol refers to a variety of drinks. So let's see what means drinking beer, champagne or wine.

The dream of a drunken man can have different meanings:


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