Drinking in a dream refers to your feelings, emotional states, and meeting certain needs. The greatest significance for the interpretation of the dream has the taste of the drink. If the drink is has a positive effect (therapeutic, stimulating, relaxing), the dream should be perceived as a positive sign. In contrast, bitter or spoiled drinks in a dream symbolize unpleasant moments that bring tears and disappointment. Of great importance it is also the type of drink.


Clean water is associated with healing, regeneration, and cleansing. Dirty water means disease, weakness, or the loss of vitality.


Drinking alcohol suggests that you lose control over your emotions or relationships with other people. Drinking may also be a hint that you are running away from trouble and responsibilities.

In some cases, the dream about drinking alcohol does not have such a negative meaning. Drinking beer or wine can reflect fun and successful social life. Champagne means that you will soon be celebrating a success in the professional or personal life.


Drinking milk in a dream refers to the longing for the carefree early years of life, and also reflects the need for security. On the other hand, the dream’s meaning indicates good health and prosperity.


Drinking orangeade or other sweet drinks heralds joy and pleasure in life.


Drinking blood may symbolize the improvement vitality.

Coffee and tea

Tea, as well as coffee are often drunk with friends or relatives, and it should be regarded as a harbinger of happy moments or pleasant time spent in good company. The dream also suggests that people who accompany you drinking coffee or tea are trustworthy.

If the dreamer is drinking coffee or tea alone, it may be a hint for them to calmly think about some situation. The dream about aromatic coffee or tea may also herald refreshment in your life.


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