Since tobacco smoke is one of the most common causes of premature death, does the dream about cigarettes may have any positive meaning? What is the meaning of the dream for a non smoking person and for a smoker? These questions will find answers in the following interpretation of the dream about cigarettes.

The cigarette above all is the symbol of addiction or dependence, not only to/on tobacco, but also other drugs, a situation or a human.

For smokers

A dream about a cigarette suggests you need some rest and relaxation, the moment of pleasure. What is more, you can always perceive it as an incentive to quit smoking - if you succeed, then the dream will have a truly salutary value.

For non-smokers

For someone who does not smoke cigarettes, the dream about them certainly is a nightmare. Most often it expresses excessive stress, a harmful relationship, or a nagging problem. Being in the company of a smoker is nothing pleasant, so the nightmare in which someone smokes can portend that soon you will have to deal with difficult people.

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