Dance is a symbol with very positive meaning. It brings people closer, expresses joy, liberty, freedom of movement, temperament and passion. Ballroom dancing is in turn a reflection of the relations and tensions that exist between the partners, their mutual complementation and attraction at various levels. A dream about dancing can be a valuable clue as to how to be happy in love and in everyday life.

Dreams about dance are very diverse, so they should be divided into several groups, which should simplify the interpretation of such dreams.

Dancing alone:

Dancing with a life partner:

Dance is really magical only when you move to the music with your partner. As the dance is very sensual, passionate and brings people closer to each other, the dream may indicate a deeper relationship with the person you dance with. When it is a life partner everything is clear - love blooms, especially if you are dancing close to each other. Dance indicates the role that both of you play in a relationship - a person who leads a dance in a dream also dominates in real life. Harmonious dance indicates mutual complementation, compromises, cooperation and unity. However, when a couple dances at a certain distance from each other, keeping it, this may indicate some misunderstanding or worsening of relationship.

Dancing with another person:

Learning to dance:

Dancing in a group:

The meaning of the dream according to the type of dance:



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