Vomiting is one of the most disgusting dream motifs, and it makes you feel sick at the very thought of it. You should, however, read the entire entry in which the meaning of the vomit dream is presented, as it often refers to your life.

You need to realize what vomit is for the human body. It is a reaction that protects against poisoning with toxic food or excessive distension of one part of the digestive system. The dream in which you vomit should be treated in this way - as the need to cleanse your life from toxic relationships, unwanted emotions or addictions. Everyone has their own demons and matters that disrupt the peace of mind - a dream about vomiting should be treated as a signal to change their lives for the better.

It is important to determine the cause of vomiting, because it is very helpful to explain the meaning of the dream. If such a reaction appears at the sight of another human being, it means that this person has a negative influence on you. In the case of vomiting after eating, check the entry about a food product and its meaning in this dream book, or think about a healthier diet and lifestyle.

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