Dreams about a surgery come not by accident. Either you are indeed waiting for the treatment (or your loved one’s), or you have to make drastic and necessary decisions.

For people who are really waiting for an operation, the dream will reflect the fear associated with the surgery. In such a situation it is not worth to take too literally the dream in which it was unsuccessful. But for other people the dream about the surgery indicates changes in their behavior, spiritual transformation, the removal of something unnecessary from their consciousness and life. You should be aware that the surgery is the final step to get rid of something threatening your health. You may have to take drastic actions because the "disease" inhibits your development. In this case, the success of the operation is important. If the operation was a success, it is a sign that you will attain spiritual purification, and will heal your soul. However, when the operation is unsuccessful, then it is a signal that you will have serious difficulties to break free from your inner demons.

If this interpretation doesn’t suit you, you can also check the meaning of individual parts of the body that have been operated in a dream. In this dream book you will find entries such as: the heart, legs, feet, stomach, hands, nose, eyes, or an ear.

Dreams are often treated as a warning, so when it comes to a dream as much associated with medical treatment as the surgery, it would be good to do periodic health examination, focus on improving your health condition, or simply care more about your looks.

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