The dream associated with a stomach refers to the deepest feelings and instincts of man. Like most entries in the dream book, also in this case it has both negative and positive meaning for the dreamer.

Very often, the stomach is perceived in terms of sexuality and symbolizes insatiable desire. Very erotic and exciting phenomenon is belly dancing. In a dream, it may have such connotations. Fantasies about the belly dance can also depart slightly from the topic of sex and be a harbinger of exotic holiday or vacation.

The stomach is also associated with emotions, knowledge, and wisdom. It expresses gentleness, sensitivity and the need to protect your inner self. In a sense, it determines how you should receive situations that appear in your life, e.g. certain people and things you can’t stand. The dream in which someone caresses or touches you on the belly is a symbol that you have accepted the feelings that you accumulated in yourself for years. Your fear that someone will discover your secrets and know the inmost feelings may be symbolized by a nightmare in which you see a stomach surgery.

In many cultures, the stomach is a symbol of motherhood. So sometimes the dream of a woman's belly expresses the longing for a sense of security or home life, which embodies the mother.

The stomach can also be an allusion to gluttony, materialistic attitude and consumer lifestyle. Obese people not without reason are considered to be rich and skinny ones to be poor. This perception is reflected in the dream book. A big and fat belly is a sign of prosperity. The dreamer in the nearest future will make a financial success or perhaps significantly expand on his property. Everyone would wish that he dreamed up a huge belly.

According to the presented symbolism, thin and sunken belly indicates the fear of poverty and the plight. You are likely to experience poverty in the near future, which is why it is a clear warning to watch out for future financial investments and respect your work.

The dream of the stomach often is a negative omen. Lying on it portends health problems like pain in this body part. In some cases, stomachache may reflect the real stomach problems or even a gastrointestinal illness. If the pain appears when you are awake, you shouldn’t delay the visit to the doctor. Distended stomach tells you that you should deal with all unfinished businesses. Wrinkled stomach in a dream is a reference to false friends and acquaintances. Of course, there is no reason to hurl unfounded accusations at them. Soon they will probably reveal themselves.

Any nightmares related to the stomach are poor prognosis. The blood flowing from the stomach, or a knife in the belly - may affect us or our loved ones a tragedy.

In the dream, you should pay attention if your stomach is veiled with clothes or not. In the first situation, the fantasy reflects your comfort, in the second warns of treachery and disloyalty of a loved one. So you ought to be careful.

A distinctive sound of a rumbling stomach is known by everyone. Usually it reminds you that the stomach demands food. Rumbling coming out of this part of the body may therefore be a reflection of some needs of the dreamer, so do not ignore them. It may sometimes announce oncoming changes.


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