The dentist wrongly compels fear and anxiety among many people. It is associated with stress and pain people suffer during visits to the specialist. Meanwhile, the dentist should be seen as a person who treats teeth; he improves their condition and often brings us relief in a hopeless situation.

A dream about a dentist indicates the dreamer, that in the end he has to make a decision on his life. The dentist repairing your teeth symbolizes that recently you have learnt assertive behavior, making your life easier. You should take the advantage of it and overcome your fear of making difficult decisions. The dentist is a metaphor of inevitable. Changing some habits, opinions or thoughts will make you feel much better.

Many people are terrified of the dental drills and the dentist. For them, a visit to the dentist in a dream is an undesirable situation associated with suffering and sorrow. You should focus more on your problems and their cause. You should try to find the best solution for your situation and believe more in yourself. In some cases, your dentist can personalize anxiety or symbolize a person you’re afraid of.

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