Wedding dress

The wedding dress is the symbol of love, fulfillment of plans and dreams. Therefore, the dream in which you see a beautiful dress should be treated as a positive omen regarding your relationship. If the dress is torn or damaged, you should consider whether everything in it is working properly.

For single women, the wedding dress is a reflection of longing for a feeling and a dreamed partner. According to dream books, this dream should be interpreted quite the opposite. This means that the dreaming girl will have to wait for love.

For people who are getting ready for the wedding, the dream about a dress is a normal result referring to the fears associated with this unique celebration. Therefore, disturbing dreams in which you cannot find a wedding dress or it is ruined should be treated with a grain of salt. Some dream books suggest, however, that if a woman is standing in front of an altar without a dress, she should get her matters right before this great moment comes.

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Wedding dress

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