The mirror is one of the oldest inventions of our civilization, and in ancient times it was associated with the light of "mirror" disks of the sun and moon. It was believed that it protects against evil spirits and the forces of darkness. The magical properties of the mirror are reflected also in the folklore and numerous fairy tales, where it is shown as the gateway between the real world and another dimension, or a tool of divination. For centuries, the mirror has also been the symbol of truth and self-discovery, which is why the dreams associated with this object show the current mental state, your strengths and weaknesses, or indicate a need to reflect on your behavior and inner self.

What you see in the mirror in a dream can give you an overview of the next few days. It depends on whether you are cheerful or sad. A joyful face may herald luck or a nice event, and the tears and anger, on the contrary. You should pay attention to such elements as:

If the image is distorted, then the dream reflects a distorted perception of your own person. Either it is the delusion of grandeur or excessive modesty and low self-esteem.

If in a dream you looking at your own reflection for a long time in the mirror, the dream suggests that you pay too much attention to your appearance.

When in the mirror you do not see your reflection, you should take it as a warning signal against disease or some other threat. Sometimes the dream reflects the fear of dying or points to depression.

If your face in a mirror is blurred or you do not see it, the dream refers to remorse, shame, and humiliation.

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