The first curtains were created not to be a decorative element of a home, but in order to protect against insects. Currently it is in almost every house and is used primarily to protect the privacy of residents from the eyes of neighbors or strangers. Curtains that appear in a dream may symbolize a desire to hide certain matters or plans. The reason may simply be fear of the fact that someone can destroy your plans. Curtains also symbolize deeply guarded secrets. A person who dreams about them hides a secret that should not see the light of day. Optionally, the dream of the curtain may mean that you will discover a secret.

The meaning of curtains in the dream is also associated with the decorating function of the house and giving it a pleasant atmosphere. As the individual rooms symbolize the mental realm of a man, nice curtains will reflect a good mental condition, sensitivity to beauty and inner warmth. On the other hand the lack of curtains clearly indicates a cold, harsh room that is not so cozy for the dreamer.

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