Basic meanings:

Individual rooms and the details of the house:

The house is a reference to the mental realm of a man and his personality. There are different ideas about the symbolism of the house in dreams.

According To some theories the upper parts of the house represent the most important things, and the lower floors less important cases.
 The house is a symbol of the human body and its internal and external condition:

  1. The roof - brain
  2. Doors, windows - the sex organs
  3. The cellar – legs
  4. The balcony - chest, forehead

According to the psychodynamic concept an individual floor of the house represents the personality.

  1. Loft, attic: super-consciousness, spiritual things.
  2. The upper floors represent matters related to the logic, self-control, strong will.
  3. Ground floor: The level of consciousness.
  4. Basement: Identifies the recesses of your psyche, emotions, feelings and desires unaccepted by the dreamer, dirty doings, things you are trying to hide from the others.

Sigmund Freud is yet another point of view, in which each hole in the house represents the female sexual organs, and entering through them is a metaphor for sexual intercourse.


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