An aunt in a dream is a manifestation of family ties and represented values.

A dream in which there is an aunt is often associated with a meeting in the family circle. During these meetings you are in discussion with the aunt usually on a variety of topics and they are not at all easy encounters. However, this is a good warm-up before the quarrel in the house, because the dream of a conversation with the aunt heralds it. Much also depends on the nature of the discussion. As far as bad or sad aunt means negative events in your life, the conversation in a quiet atmosphere, symbolizes a gift, a nice event or the end of the trouble.

You have to remember that for some people aunt is like a second mother. The dream of her can highlight the strong family ties or recall shared memories. Dreams, in which you see the long-unseen aunt, mean that you will meet your distant family. In contrast, when in a dream you get a gift from your aunt, it could indicate a jealous person in your family.

Aunt may also be a symbol of your own "I". She reflects the process of finding your way in life, contemplation on the taken decisions. Members of the family, including the aunt, are usually severe critics of the decisions made by young people. Often, quite wrongly, so maybe it's a sign to make decisions according to your own will and conscience. After all, you know what is really good for you.


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