The first churches were built in the fourth century, and since then, they are unique places for people who believe. It’s a place which should be respected. Many important moments in the life of a Christian are happening in this building: baptism, the first communion, marriage, and a symbolic farewell to the world of the living. A dream about the church is thus a reference to the moral and spiritual values.

The Church as an institution has a certain hierarchy and ethical order, so it may suggest that you should both follow your own conscience and fixed laws. Taking into account the unchanging religious rites, which for years take place according to the given scenario, the dream about the church may indicate the need to organize your life and introduce the regularity and consistency.

Detailed meaning of the dream:

The altar

The altar is the place where sacrifices are made. For the dreaming person it may be the symbol of happiness achieved or given to someone else.

Seeing the altar has a little perverse symbolism when it comes to couples as it means for them quarrels and in the worst case even a divorce. On the other hand, for singles the altar predicts a new relationship, or even an imminent wedding.


A dream about confession can be caused by remorse of the dreamer; some nagging thing from the past which doesn’t let you sleep at night. Confession heralds relief and cleansing your mind.


The dream is a bad omen spelling arguments or poor effects in business. Entering the chapel for example, is a warning against excessive confidence towards strangers. What is more, the vision of the chapel warns young people against love mistakes.


If there is the cathedral in your dream, it is a warning signal not to yearn for unattainable and unrealistic things, both in terms of the spiritual as well as material realm. The dream tells to appreciate what you have, to be able to enjoy it and at the same time warns against conceit.


The monastery is associated with calm, a place of isolation and total concentration. This is why the dream points to the need to reevaluate some things, think your life through in the spiritual, emotional or professional matters.

In your dream there can be people connected with church, such as a priest or a monk. This person should be seen as the protector and guardian angel. They may even provide guidance on some life matters.

Sometimes a dream in which you are a monk suggests you have abandoned bodily pleasures, denied your own sexual sphere.

A demolished monastery is a bad sign, which reflects the inability to turn things round, and the lack of conditions to focus and implement your ideas.

In your dreams about church there can be many people and threads connected with this institution. Therefore you should check other entries in which it is explained how to interpret dreams about clergy, even about the Pope.


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