Construction in a dream indicates the process of creating something in your life. This may relate to the execution of career plans or building emotional ties. Symbolism treats buildings as a human body, but their interiors as psyche. The dream of construction can also be a symbol that you need to work on yourself - both on fitness and skills useful in everyday life.

If you dream that you are building something, it announces a successful plan. The construction site can mean that you have the energy and strength to perform various tasks, including work-related ones. But when your structure is damaged, it should be understood as a metaphor for your projects. This does not necessarily mean that cannot supervise your obligations, but the road to your destination will be a little more difficult than usual.

If you observe collapsing building, it portends bad news for you or your loved ones - one of them will get ill. It is recommended to visit the doctor.

It is said that a man should achieve three things in his life: plant a tree, father a child and build a house. A dream in which you build a house portends being happy in life or rapid progress. Also any assistance in building a house is the announcement of happiness and joy.

When the dreamer is working on the construction of a skyscraper, the dream promises to meet the high ambitions. The dream of building a hotel may in turn indicate a desire to escape from everyday life, the need for rest.

People might dream about really anything, even a barefoot walk on the building site. What does it mean? According to dream books the dreamer is not ready to work on himself and his body. He may not even realize that it is necessary, but most often he lacks motivation.

If the leading motive of the dream is a brick, then it is an attempt to tell the dreamer that the systematic and planned efforts will bring results. Bricks put in the order indicate that the dreamer sorted out well his issues.


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