Not everyone knows that the balcony symbolizes the forehead or female breasts. In the first case it means that the dreamer will rise (forehead like a balcony dominates the environment) above a concern and will reign over the difficult situation. In the second (breast) symbolizes patience and grace, which may relate, for example, to winning a partner’s heart.

What may distinguish balconies in people's dreams is their condition, appearance, and stretching them back in. This is a very important tip for the dreamer, because if they stand on a nice, neat balcony with wonderful landscape, they can count on good luck in the future. This promises new opportunities or a nice event. The view from the balcony is clearly identified with the prospect for the future, so it is worth in this context, to try to understand your dreams. On the other hand the neglected and dilapidated balcony means the dreamer sees no perspectives and fears for the future. A Devastated architectural element can also symbolize that planned projects can misfire.

The interpretations only partially cover the subject, for the symbolism of the balcony may still refer to specific people and situations.

The balcony is the architectural element of the building, which connects the interior with the open space. It may also have a decorative function, but it is the most valued because of the panoramic view of the neighborhood. Balconies date back to ancient times, and their traces were found i.a. in the legendary Pompeii. They also played a role in the theatre, even in Shakespearean drama “Romeo and Juliet” or the paintings of Francisco Goya and Edouard Manet. So how is balcony imagined in dreams and what do these dreams mean?


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