A person, who dreams about a hotel, should consider two options. It may be the harbinger of travel or subconscious desire to escape from everyday life.

The first dream is quite common. The dream about the hotel can came to people who travel a lot, especially in business. For truck drivers, athletes, musicians, traders and builders the hotel often becomes a second home. The dream is therefore a reflection of that state.

People, who hardly ever stay in a hotel, can have more difficulties with understanding the dream. The dream means a desire to separate from people around you and every-day issues. Sometimes this is the result of fatigue and sometimes the lack of self-confidence and strong character.

The hotel theme in many situations is associated with problems in marriage or reflects the lack of stability in the relationship. This dream can be understood even very literally, as in the case when it comes to a serious marital quarrel, the man (usually) spends some nights in a hotel.

Sometimes the dream of the hotel is very easy to explain, if you will look at its appearance. A cheap, run-down motel by the road can symbolize poverty, while the five star hotel with spa area and a beautiful restaurant will reflect the luxury and wealth.

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