The grandfather for most of us is associated with values such as tradition, wisdom and caring. A dream of the old man is therefore a positive sign for the future heralding a long life, support of loved ones and happiness.

Dreams in which you see your late grandfather are often simply a reflection of the longing for the wise old man. Many people, however, share the view that the grandfather and grandmother are watching over their grandchildren, even after their death, so the dream can be regarded as a warning, some good advice, a form of support or a clue to solve some problem. Sometimes it is worth to think when the last time you visited the grave of your grandfather was.

The grandfather in a dream is a prelude to a successful future and happiness. The exception may be dreams in which the grandfather is sick, sad or angry. Then it is worth considering how it can be applied to your life; of which decisions the grandfather would have been dissatisfied.

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