It is hard to imagine a greater love than the one, which a mother has for a child. From the moment of conception is the child’s anchor, and cares about the development and safety of the kid. This is why dreams about the mother accompany people throughout their lives, even in old age. Most often such dreams are a reflection of the actual relations with your mother, but how to interpret nightmares? For example, those in which you kill your own mother, or have sex with her.

In a positive sense the dream about the mother symbolizes fertility, love, wisdom, security, and maternal instinct. The negative symbolism is connected with the absolute ruler, destroyer, or the being devouring her own child.

A mother may appear in your dreams in various forms. Here are some of them:

A mother may also appear in the form of a spider, dragon, bear, cow, moon, ocean, or a garden gate.

The dream of the mother should be interpreted according to a specific key:

Other meaning:


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