The aged woman often appears in people's dreams. However, this is normal since many people are very closely-knit with their grandmothers. A grandmother to a grandchild is an exceptional person and almost always associated with goodness, kindness and protectiveness. Elder people enjoy regard and trust in their family also because of the experience and wisdom. The dream about a grandmother must therefore be taken as a warning, a hint or a consolation.

When you dream about your late grandmother, it is a warning to be on the qui vive for danger. She may appear e.g. in a situation when preparing food. We all know that grandmothers cook the best in the world and never allow hungry grandchildren leave the house. It is also an opportunity for them to provide their offspring some wisdom. You should think what grandma wants to tell you, as she nine times out of ten has good intentions.

If you dream about the living grandmother, you should pay attention to her appearance and the circumstances in which sheappears, because the dream can relate to her health. Unnatural body shape, skin color, ugly, dark clothing or other deformations and distortions may mean that her condition is not the best.


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