A ghost in a dream is a reference to your past, a symbol of unfinished business and painful memories. Perhaps guilt, repressed fears and events swept under the rug came back with double force and once again haunt the conscience of the dreamer. The dream may be due to some situation, which happened in the real life. The ignorance causes fear, so you should look into the matter from a different perspective and face it. If you know your enemy, it will be easier to overcome it and cleanse you emotionally. The dreamer guided by the look of the ghost, his intentions or words he says can draw some important conclusions.

Ghosts can appear in your dream under different forms, for example, people you know. Dream books provide a very interesting interpretation of dreams about ghosts.

When you see dead people

Seeing the spirit of a deceased person in the dream usually concerns the relationship with this person. It is worth to ask grandparents or parents if they had a dream in which they saw dead family members or friends. Many of them will give you a positive answer, because the vision of the spirits of the dead is usually caused by close emotional ties with the deceased people.

People who have lost a parent, partner, sibling or grandmother can never really accept that. Time heals all wounds, but these are always too deep. Such a dream can be treated as an expression of immense longing and regret. However, you should enjoy them, because this is the only chance for the next meeting with a close person, unfortunately only in dreams.

A dream of deceased relatives sometimes can be seen as a warning against trouble. You’d better remember what the spirit of the deceased was trying to tell you.

The pessimistic interpretation of dreams with ghosts of close people heralds the deterioration of health, illness and even death for the dreamer or someone from his circle. Fortunately, it hardly ever proves.

Anyone who has seen the films, "Ghost” with Patrick Swayze or "Casper" remembers scenes in which the characters went to the underworld after the completion of important issues. For the dreamer seeing the spirit can be a kind of farewell to a friend or relative who has recently died. Perhaps they also had to complete certain things.

When the spirit is living person

Seeing a living human being in the form of a spirit is a little more difficult to interpret. They may be people you like and those you fear. Such dreams are most likely a reflection of your fears or sympathy. According to some theories the vision means real contact but on a spiritual level.

When the dreamer is the spirit

Fantasies, in which the dreamer is the spirit, are equally difficult to understand. Little by little it explains the phenomenon of alienation or the feeling of seeing the world outside their physical body. Less scientific theories suggest that dreams in which the dreamer is the spirit reflect his feelings of alienation, detachment from reality or problems with accepting himself. A nightmare suggests that the dreamer does not know how to deal with his life. A dream in which you turn into a ghost also symbolizes an escape from responsibilities or desperation.

When the nightmares of this type is caused with alcohol or drugs the message is clear. This may be the last party in the life of the dreamer and he’d better go off drugs and alcohol.

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