Coffee is one of the most popular legal drugs in the world. It’s stimulating and refreshing, moreover it tastes fantastic. It is no wonder that many people start day with a cup of this drink.

A dream about coffee may be a signal that you are too tense and busy in life; you cannot withstand the pressure. This is a hint to slow down and relax - for example, have a cup of coffee with friends. Here comes the second meaning of the dream, because coffee is a beverage drunk in the company. You offer coffee to you guests or go out with friends to the cafe. Therefore, the interpretation of the dream often applies to relations with loved ones and people you like. Therefore it can, for example, suggest the need to boost your social life.

Due to its refreshing properties coffee is also a symbol identified with excitement and fever.

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The view the café in a dream is a warning against excessive fraternizing with enemies or dangerous people.


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