In the Jewish religion, the dough was associated primarily with the escape of the people from Egypt, during which the Israelites had taken acidified dough with themselves. In those years it was rather identified with corruption, but over time this approach has changed. Today cake is with us during the holidays, name days, birthdays, and many other celebrations spent with family and friends.

A cake reflects the positive mental state and joy if only because of its sweet taste that almost every pleasure. Fire and heat, which are needed for baking also, emphasize the good associations. Both in life and in the dream are associated with certain circumstances. If you're dreaming about cake you can be sure that soon something nice will happen. The very texture of the dough and add-ons can point to what exactly you will meet in the near future. Chocolate cake means reward for your hard work and effort, while the walnut announces that you will finally deal with a difficult issue. Fruits, such as apples, raspberries, strawberries, cherries usually symbolize luck in love, passionate moments with your partner or newly met person.

The symbolism of the dough is in most cases positive, but sometimes it is presented also in a negative light. In the Old Polish dream book it is associated with minor adversities, for example, eating mean something unpleasant and cutting - dashed hopes.

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