The dream about the circus can have several meanings, therefore the dreamer should pay attention not only to his own feelings (joy, fear, confusion), but also to the show. Other meaning can have an entertaining clown and other a tightrope walker performing air stunts.

Selected meaning of the dream of the circus:

Lack of control, confusion

The circus is a place where unusual, strange and surprising things happen. The dream of the circus usually reflects such situations in the life of the dreamer. Not without reason when things that are out of control we say it’s a "three-ring circus".

Monotony in real life

A dream in which you employ yourself in the circus reflects your boredom with everyday life and routine. The vision, during which you join the circus, suggests that fun, adventure, carefree life full of emotion attracts you.

The announcement of fun

The show at the circus is to provide entertainment to people. Therefore the dream in which you are at the circus and having fun may mean that soon you will spend some nice time, someone will improve your mood and well-being.

Hiding your true face

It happens that the dreamer is not only a spectator, but also takes part in the show. Then the fantasy may indicate that you play some role in your life, but not necessarily complaint with your beliefs. The role you play will be very important. Other important meaning suggests that you like to be in the spotlight.

Please note that during the performance there may be a variety of animals, such as dogs, seals, elephants, horses, rabbits, tigers, bears and lions. Look at those entries, which you will also find in this dream book.


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