Swimming pool

A pool is an artificial water reservoir with delimited space and depth, so in a sense, it is associated with limitations in our lives. Water, which is its most important component, symbolizes unawareness, emotions and feelings.

The pool thus refers to certain limits in relation to emotional relationship, workplace or in social circle. The illusion is an invitation to understand and get to know your feelings - dipping in the pool is a plain metaphor. You should not forget about the fantastic feeling of refreshment after jumping into the clear water – because of that the dream can be interpreted also as a kind of cleansing your body and spirit. Sometimes the view of the pool near your home suggests that you should clean up your love life, if it is too confusing. In holistic approach these fantasies may mean the incentive to make more bold decisions in life.

An important element is the water in the pool.

In addition to the above interpretation of the pool dream, there are many other explanations in dream books. They are mostly positive for the dreamer:

Swimming pool

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