To see an aquarium in your dream means that you repress your emotions, which may soon come forward.

The origins of fishkeeping date back to about 2,500 years BC, so it's probably one of the oldest hobbies. Initially, goldfish were kept inside a water glass. The word "aquarium" was first used in the nineteenth century, then also it became popular in our country.

The aquarium is an artificially created living environment for water creatures and it represents the state of the dreamer. You are stifled, fitted into some rigid framework, which limits your actions. Water reservoir in a dream is a reflection of the fear of risk and commitment in meeting the new challenges. Monotony and routine of life in the aquarium is much safer for the dreamer than the new and unfamiliar environment. Those who dream of the aquarium should therefore act with greater courage in every situation, then perhaps the fate will change for better.

The aquarium dream may also refer to the subconsciousness or sexual experiences and desires. In addition, you feel that your life is heading nowhere, or that you're going round in circles, without any way out. The aquarium can also indicate the need to calm down, know peace and quiet. In this case you must take a punt on rest and relaxation and schedule some time just for yourself.

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