Rain in dreams has a very rich symbolism. For centuries, it is associated with the blessing, the care of God, truth, purification and fertility.

The water falling from the sky cleans the earth and air; rinses dirt. It is therefore a symbolic reflection of the mind and body. It can be compared, for example, to flowing tears, and the significance of such dreams depends on the mood of the dreamer. Tears of happiness appear in some touching moments of life, and tears of sadness in dramatic situations. However, dreams about rain have, in this context, the positive significance associated with getting rid of tormenting thoughts and remorse; emotional cleansing.

Life-giving rain is a symbol of fertility, plants and flowers grow thanks to it.
In the Greek myth Zeus in the form of golden rain impregnates Danae, the mother of Perseus. Therefore, it is believed that the rain is also associated with fertility, pregnancy. For couples dreaming of a child and making strenuous effort to get a baby, it may be a prophetic dream.

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