Many people are afraid of the storm and it is difficult to deny them wrong. A loud noise, ominous lightning and thunders mostly just scare people. However they can cause serious damage and kill people. Are the dreams about this atmospheric phenomenon connected to a threat?

The old Polish dream book interprets the storm as a harbinger of the oncoming challenges and struggles of life. You have to meet them, to prove your worth. The road to the goal will not be easy, but if you overcome your concerns, you have a good chance of success. You should know that in Slavic mythology a lightning symbolizes god Perun, considered to be the ruler of the pantheon. In other mythologies gods related to the storm and lightning are among the most powerful, including Zeus (Greek Mythology), Thor (Nordic), Jupiter (Roman), Set (Egyptian) and Taranis (Celtic).

The dream about the storm is also linked to the burst of feelings and emotions that occur in your lives. Sometimes they come suddenly and unexpectedly, but more often you suppress them for a long time. The storm is a reflection of that moment where our patience for certain things or people ends. Then you show your emotions and true feelings, which can be equated to the roaring thunder and lightning. A good example is an argument between people close to each other due to betrayal or something else. The rapid exchange of words is like a tornado, after which the scale of damage can be very serious, including the relationship breakdown.

The storm is a violent, loud and dramatic phenomenon, but afterwards it is followed by clear and beautiful weather. There is sun and a rainbow, and the fresh air is sweet to breathe. You should receive the symbolism of the storm exactly in this way. You should be optimistic when it comes sorting your problems out - but the road to your destination will be "stormy".

Besides the symbolism of the storm presented as a kind of forerunner of frictions in your life, it can be explained in other ways. For example, when the storm fantasies surprise you, it is a sign to watch for danger in real life. The very thunders herald bad news. In addition, looking for shelter may be a reflection of your escape from danger. After waking up you should think what you want to get away from as quickly as possible and what the source of your fear is. However, if in the dream, you waited storm out safe and sound under the oak, then it is a sign that you’ll avoid danger and bring your things to the happy end.

Dream books interestingly interpret the situation, when you see a tree in the forest torn by lightning. This scene taken straight from the dark thriller is very inauspicious sign that you may be struck by lightning. You should therefore be careful and remember that in this case it could be a metaphor and there is danger not only during the storm.

Every sailor knows how dangerous a storm at sea is. The dream fantasy of a storm can most often come to people connected with ships. If it comes to people unrelated to the sea it means a soul of a sailor - anxious, a little wandering the world in search of new adventures.

The hailstorm is a bad omen for the people who are in relationships. It may herald big changes and turmoil, however, not always for the better.


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