The Romanies are a nation or ethnic group originating from the Indian peninsula, and now living in many countries around the world. The dream, however, should be interpreted according to the local geographical key.

The Polish culture has adopted two stereotypes of the Romanies population – a negative and positive one. In the first case a Gypsy refers to a lying, stealing and cunning man. If you dream about a Gypsy man or woman, it may mean that the person in the closest surrounding is insincere. He or she says what you want to hear. You need to observe closely the people from your environment, pay attention to the gestures and words spoken by them, because this way you can protect yourself from problems. The Gypsy sometimes also means "foreign" and symbolizes fear of something new and unknown. It may also mean some unaccepted by the dreamer personality traits.

It is worth to interpret your dreams about Gypsies according to your own view on this ethnical group. For many people they are associated with freedom, feasting and life full of adventures. The dream may mean a desire of more freedom in your life.

Gypsies are associated with fortune-telling and magic, so many people dream of such a situation. When a Gypsy woman in a dream augurs you for money, then be careful for dubious ventures, because someone will lead you by the nose. But if she is doing it for free, then it is a prophetic dream. You should remember this prophecy, and in any case do not neglect it.

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