The dream book provides some interesting interpretation of dreams of eyebrows. There are even terms such as unibrow or piercing.

The dream about eyebrows is the harbinger of a positive change. However, much depends on their look. If the eyebrows are thick and strong, then you should expect happiness and good events. In this case, mostly women, who often paint eyebrows to enhance their beauty, should be satisfied. For them, the dream may portend great prosperity in business or in the completion of certain matters. Fantasies, in which the eyebrows are thick, light or dark, herald positive events in the life of the dreamer. High eyebrows in turn, are telling the dreamer that he has a good ability to assess the situation.

Unfortunately, the eyebrows may also have a less optimistic symbolism. Thin and falling out herald the loss in the real life and unfortunate sequence of events. Bushy and low brows in turn, warn of the danger. Frowning in a dream expresses some concern and dissatisfaction. It is worth considering what has recently got out of control in your life and trying to fix it.

Eyebrows express emotions, such as anger, doubt, disapproval, or surprise. So how can you understand the dream in which you do not have eyebrows? It should be interpreted as a premise that you lack clarity, expression, and that generally in life you have a dispassionate approach to anything. Sometimes it can be a sign to let go of certain disputes or conflicts.

Unibrow is the name of an anomaly of development, which involves coadunate eyebrows. It can be seen i.a. in the NBA star Anthony Davis and the Russian cosmonaut Salizhana Sharipova. Coadunate eyebrows in the dream are identified with low self-esteem on your appearance. Women who do not accept their bodies after pregnancy and childbirth can have such dreams. Other explanation of the dream of a unibrow is associated with excessive indifference in expressing feelings. The dreaming person stifles all emotions, hides all worries deep in his heart or tries to hide something.


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