Hair is a feature of human body and personality. For centuries, they have fascinated people, hence many myths about them. One of the most known stories is the biblical story of Samson, who owes his extraordinary powers to his hair. But when his lover Delilah cut them off, the warrior lost his supernatural strength. The ancient Greeks believed that cutting the lock of the dead's hair was for him a pass to Hades - the world of the dead. In ancient China, cutting the hair was a huge condemnation. It is possible to cite many examples of the various reception of hair in individual traditions / cultures, but the dream about hair is most often strongly related to the intellect, vital forces, body language and emotions.

It should be added that the symbolism of hair changes depending on their length, color or hairstyle. The following entry is about to present the meaning of hair in dreams in a fairly accessible way.

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Hair falling out The dream about falling hair is a bad signal for both women and men. It usually means illness, weakness or worsening of a life situation. The dream may also warn you against ill-considered judgments and traps that enemies set for you.