Death of a child

The nightmare in which a child dies has various explanations for individual people. Of great importance is not only the child itself, but also whether you already have offspring. Here is the interpretation of the dream for individual situations.

For everyone

A nightmare in which a child dies symbolizes a loss of hope or a huge disappointment in real life. This is not a good sign; expect worries and sad days in the near future.

Your own child

If the dream of losing your own son or daughter is not caused by the typical concern for offspring, it can be taken as a weakening of the relationship with the child. Maybe you spend too much time on your career, forgetting the child's needs.

For people without children

For women who have difficulty conceiving, the dream about a dead child may reflect the anxieties and frustrations associated with it.

For pregnant women

See entries "pregnancy" and "childbirth". A nightmare about the birth of a dead child is a natural dream that reflects the fears of parenthood and the birth of a baby.

For people mourning the death of a child

Parents who had to face the loss of their son or daughter have nightmares about their deaths, as well as about bringing them back to life, or finding or adopting new children. For them, this dream is an expression of longing for descendants. Such a dream comes to the late years of old age.

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Death of a child

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