Butterflies belong to a small group of insects that are beautiful and "friendly". They neither sting, nor bite. In ancient beliefs the butterfly symbolized immortality, and its life cycle is a good example: crawling caterpillar (life) - chrysalis (death) - free flying soul (resurrection). The Greek myth of Psyche, a young girl with butterfly wings, clearly identifies the insect with the personification of the soul. Therefore, the dream about the butterfly is a harbinger of metamorphosis that awaits you in the near future. Changes for the better may refer to both personal appearance and the way of thinking. The larger the insect in a dream, the more significant changes await you.

Nothing is perfect in real life, so the butterfly also can be a bad sign. In a negative sense, the dream about the butterfly symbolizes recklessness, carelessness, and transient beauty. Such a vision can be addressed especially to the moody and labile people who cannot find their place in life. According to the Egyptian-Chaldean dream book the butterfly in a dream means infidelity or inconstancy.

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