Colors are universal symbols that accompany man from the dawn of history. Even primitive people associated them with different inclinations, phenomena and processes. For example, the red color indicating blood symbolized danger or pain, but it was also the color of life. The colors also helped recognize feelings of another human being. Red face indicates rage or anger, whereas rosy cheeks mean joy or embarrassment. Pale face reflects the fear and terror or bad mood.

For hundreds of years the knowledge about colors was perfected, yet different symbolism was assigned to them. Meaning of each color depends on the culture, as seen by the color white. For Christians and the Western world it is the color of purity, innocence and joy. For the Egyptians or the Chinese white is the color of death, mourning and sorrow.

If the colors are not directly related with some memories or objects, then it should be treated as an image of different emotions and feelings. In this situation, for example, green represents peace and harmony, optimism and joy. Orange and red mean lust or anger. Black may in turn depict a gloomy mood. Below is the symbolism of each color, which should somewhat ease the interpretation of the dream


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Interpretations of other dreams

Color navy blue The color associated with the sign of Capricorn and the planet Saturn, which represents qualities such as toughness, persistence, honesty, ambition, and consistency. People who like this color are smart, well-balanced, responsible and reasonable.
Color pink Pink symbolizes love, affection, sensuality, tenderness and kindness. In the dream it may appear in the form of flowers, as well as clothes or other objects.
Color silver Silver according to the beliefs has the power to overcome evil forces. In dreams it may indicate the protection, care, emotions, and intuition.
Color turquoise The name turquoise comes from the color of rare and precious gemstone. This color generally has positive symbolism associated with the transformation, creativity, and healing of the soul.